Why do I need secure text messaging for my healthcare organization?

Healthcare facilities need secure communications due to HIPAA and HITECH regulations. The Joint Commission has banned plain text messaging for any communication that contains ePHI (protected health information) or includes an order for a patient to a hospital or other healthcare setting. A single violation for insecure communication can result in a fine of up to $50,000 for willful neglect (less for individuals who simply do not know and/or if the violation is correct); repeat violations may cost up to $1.5 million in fines annually, as well as damage to an organization’s reputation and its ability to attract patients.



How is Everbridge HipaaBridge different from all the other secure and HIPAA-compliant text messaging apps?

Download our app and see! Everbridge HipaaBridge was designed by ex-Microsoft engineers who know how to build software that is simple, speedy and secure. Plus, we have three unique features:

  • Voice Recorder Text messaging may be fast, but this is lightning!
  • Video calling for telemedicine. Finally, telemedicine can be as easy as using Skype or FaceTime, but also HIPAA-compliant!
  • We’ve reinvented the telemedicine cart. It’s simply better, faster, cheaper than traditional telemedicine carts which are bulky, expensive and impossible to use.


Can Everbridge HipaaBridge integrate with our EHR, call schedule, nurse-call system, and LDAP directory?

Yes! Please call or email us to find out more. We’ll assess your needs and deliver a solution which integrates Everbridge HipaaBridge with your existing systems.



Can we create a closed-network for just our employees? May we archive all messages and communication?

Yes and yes. Please contact our enterprise sales and support team to discuss.



How and where do we use Everbridge HipaaBridge?

Everbridge HipaaBridge is an app for your smartphone. Just download it and use anywhere there is a cellular or Wi-Fi internet connection.



Do we have to buy any special hardware?

No. Everbridge HipaaBridge works with the phones and iPads that doctors, nurses and staff are already using. It is a service, which means there are no servers or infrastructure for IT departments to purchase and maintain.