Simplify Workflows for Quality Patient Care


With HipaaBridge, you can be in two places at once, enabling you to collaborate, triage, transfer and refer more effectively, reducing costs and improving patient outcomes.



Customer Story: Clinical Case Study Stroke Response


HipaaBridge was deployed to a level I Stroke center in northern Florida. The result? Faster stroke diagnosis results by engaging EMT teams and Hospital Neurology Departments as early as possible so that neurologists can deliver NIH Protocol, via Video Chat, straight to the patient in ambulance



Patient Safety


Saving time also saves lives. Everbridge HipaaBridge helps you identify a situation, make decisions, and start doctors’ orders in real time. Use HipaaBridge to protect your patients from long transfers or wait times. Give your patients better, faster, and more specialized care while avoiding misdiagnoses, errors and frustration. And by protecting your patients and protecting their privacy, you protect your practice from liability. All from a simple app on your iPhone or iPad.


HIPAA-Compliant Privacy and Security


Everbridge HipaaBridge was built from the ground-up to enable you to be HIPAA-compliant. We map to every HIPAA regulation, including all Administrative, Technical and Physical Safeguards. It’s expertly encrypted and secure because we use the same advanced algorithms as the U.S. Department of Defense. Still, HIPAA-compliance is about more than just encryption…