Do you enjoy the easy-to-use HIPAA-compliant texting and telemedicine functionality of Everbridge HipaaBridge?
Take advantage of many more features that help enable true HIPAA compliance and upgrade to HipaaBridge Premium!



HIPAA Compliant Texting + Telemedicine App

  Freemium Premium
Ease of Use
Video calling like Apple’s Facetime, but HIPAA-compliant for telemedicine
Regular Texting interface, but secure
Share photos of patients, lab results, imaging studies, and more
Voice recorder (aka Push-to-Talk) which is faster than typing
Group Messaging (e.g. “Stroke Team”)
Enabling HIPAA-compliance and Peace of Mind
Usage analytics, auditing and tracking of metadata  
Long Term Data Retention  
HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA)* Not HIPAA-Compliant
Everbridge Online Client Portal  
24x7x365 Customer Support Service Availability – Online, Email and Telephone  
Delivered and Read confirmation of messages
Security & User Management
Search corporate address book (Active Directory)  
Single Sign On  
Triple encryption using RSA2048 and AES256; NIST compliant
Unique encryption key for each individual message
Group Messaging (e.g. “Stroke Team”)