Communication in hospitals and other clinical facilities is changing due to inefficiencies with current systems. With HIPAA secure messaging, these organizations can replace pagers and email to improve patient outcomes and productivity, and reduce costs.


Save Time with Secure Video


  • Mental Health – Secure video via HipaaBridge prevents unnecessary travel for mental health specialists during clinical and observational programs by connecting to patients remotely.

  • Patient Transfers – Secure video via HipaaBridge enables clinicians to easily facilitate transfers.

  • Patient Monitoring – Secure video via HipaaBridge enables hospital staff to connect to patients without an in-person visit to help reduce unnecessary readmissions and avoid potential penalties by CMS.



Work More Efficiently with Care Team Collaboration


  • STEMI Care Team Activation – HipaaBridge eliminates the unnecessary steps when activating a STEMI care team by connecting all members of a patient’s care team in a single group care chat.

  • PCP Specialist Consult – HipaaBridge allows doctors to quickly add specialists to a group care chat to seamlessly complete a specialist consult.

  • Rx Order Verification – HipaaBridge allows doctors to easily get Rx orders verified by pharmacists without having to play phone tag.

  • Stroke Response – HipaaBridge allows hospitals to better respond to stroke victims and limit the long term damage of a stroke through care team collaboration and telemedicine.



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