The Easy-to-Use Secure Messaging App for Care Team Collaboration

In the modern healthcare setting, clinicians require a care team collaboration solution that enables them to devote their time to patient care–instead of time consuming manual tasks or the use of outdated technology.


Everbridge’s HIPAA compliant secure messaging mobile application, HipaaBridge, meets this need by improving clinician workflows so that you can spend your time doing what you do best–providing excellent patient care. HipaaBridge is the leading secure team collaboration solution that allows healthcare professionals to simplify and accelerate workflows to deliver quality patient care and improve ROI.


HipaaBridge is fully integrated into the Everbridge Unified Critical Communication Platform – the most scalable and reliable platform to support all of your emergency and clinical communication needs, driving ROI and ease of use with one solution.


Secure Care Team Collaboration Drives $1 Million in Efficiencies


On average, 70% of healthcare professionals waste at least 30 minutes a day using outdated communication methods – 32.5% waste one hour or more! With HipaaBridge, a care team is unified within one group chat session, providing massive time saving efficiencies resulting in dramatic ROI and improved patient care.


Ease-of-Use that Requires Zero Training


HipaaBridge is the first healthcare collaboration solution designed exclusively for clinicians. Once the app is downloaded, it can be used immediately with no training. 48% of users stop using mobile apps when there is a poor user experience, but with HipaaBridge, its simple and intuitive design ensures continued use and engagement.


The First Healthcare Secure Communication Solution to have Video


69% of healthcare professionals say the ability to perform telehealth is increasingly important to delivering efficient and high quality care. HipaaBridge’s market leading functionality combines video with secure messaging to increase workflow efficiencies and support the delivery of quality care.


Total User Adoption is the Key to HIPAA Compliance


It only takes one non-compliant message to invoke a HIPAA violoation and a fine with a maximum penalty of $1.5 million dollars. Thankfully, HipaaBridge has the first of its kind automated user adoption and usage program to ensure compliance across the organization. Driving a successful system wide rollout is monitored by tracking downloads usage at an individual user level.





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